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Terms and conditions for joining "GaiaOnTop Casting":

Privacy: Candidates authorize "GaiaOnTop", completely free of charge, to view and possibly use the images and/or videos they upload during the registration phase for promotional reasons, the creation of photographic and video content. This authorization complies with the reference Italian law of the civil code.

Enrollment: Enrollment in phase 1 does not guarantee participation in the next phase called phase 2, nor in the final phase called casting.

Cost: The registration fee is non-refundable.

Payment for confirmation: If the candidate is selected to access phase 2, a second payment of €97.50 will be requested for confirmation. In this case, the candidate will receive a confirmation email to arrange a video call. In the event that the candidate is not chosen and therefore rejected during phase 1, he will still receive a thank you email. Similarly, in case of selection to access phase 3, a third payment of €249 will be required.

Images deletion: In case of non-selection, the images will be permanently deleted from our databases.

Use of the image: The participants chosen for phases 2 and 3 declare from now on that they have nothing to claim in terms of economic terms for the use and exploitation, even economic, of their image and their name during filming and after the broadcasting of the format.

Decisions: Decisions regarding the selection of participants are taken at the sole discretion of "GaiaOnTop".

By accepting the terms and conditions, the candidate declares to have read and understood all the clauses of this contract, and to fully and unconditionally accept its contents.

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