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If you found yourself here, I imagine you're already familiar with my work as an Italian MILF in the adult industry. I produce content of a more mature and seductive nature.


To me, "adult entertainment" is just the beginning, but I want to start with the obvious and indisputable to establish credibility before delving into the language that may be interpreted as exaggerated or theatrical.

I’m GaiaOnTop.



Nowadays, I have chosen to be less concerned with titles as I acknowledge that I will continually evolve as a seductress. Although I once thought I could only embody the "MILF" archetype, I have come to understand that I am limitless.โ€‹ โ€‹


I define my sexual energy and power, and my frequent transformations make it difficult for labels to adhere.


โ€‹ Instead of a complete biography or life story, I will reserve this space for a brief interpretation of who I am and what I represent.


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